Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Want to help produce Tracy Silverman's new CD?

Tracy Silverman, the talented violinist, wants to release a new album titled "Between the Kiss and the Chaos" and needs your help. This new recording project, in partnership with the internationally acclaimed Calder Quartet, is being funded through the ground-breaking site, Kickstarter.com.

Everyone that donates will receive some sort of perk, from a copy of the new album when it is released, right on up to your very own house concert, depending on how much you decide to donate.

You can hear some samples on his website.

This is your chance to help an independent artist produce an album of the same kind of quality that those on the major labels can do. This is your chance to show the RIAA that artists can get along quite well without them, that the public is willing to support creative projects, and that no artist needs to sell their soul or be robbed blind to see their creative efforts reach the masses.

I have been a fan of his since 1999, when he released Trip to the Sun, which included one of the most awesome Jimi Hendrix covers I have ever heard. To be perfectly honest, I never cared for the music of Hendrix until I heard Tracy's cover of "1983". He has a very eclectic style ranging from classical to jazz, rock, folk, and funk. He refuses to be pigeon-holed and plays it all.

If you are not familiar with the kind of magic this man can weave on a 6 string violin, just take a listen to this live solo performance, which while awesome, is just a small bit of what this man is capable of. There are plenty more videos available on Youtube.

UPDATE: Tracy has released another video, containing a rather creative piece that will be on the album he wants you to sponsor.

Yes, I want to help produce Tracy Silverman's new album!