The purpose of this site is to serve as a place where people can come to hear something a bit different than they would from the RIAA dominated commercial radio stations, that broadcast from most major cities around the world.

There are a great many artists that you will never hear played on one of those stations, because they haven't sold their souls to the RIAA.

We aim to help these artists have a bright shining career without the need to sign with an RIAA label.

We want them to stay in full control of their work and have more of the royalties that they deserve.

The RIAA labels have a long history of mistreating both artists and fans, that goes all the way back to the early days of vinyl. They have cheated artists out of royalties, bribed and bullied DJs at radio stations, even threatening artists with bodily harm in order to get them to sign bad recording contracts that were unfair to them. They have been guilty of price fixing, suing grandmothers for file sharing, crashing fans' computers with crappy DRM software on CDs, installing malware/rootkits on users' computers, stealing money from the pockets of Canadian consumers every time they buy a hard drive or blank CD/DVD media, accused indie artists of copyright infringement for uploading their own original works to Youtube, stood in the way of innovation and advancement of technology, attacked chat rooms and the servers that host them, raided record stores that carried Hiphop mix tapes endorsed by the actual artists, claimed to own the copyrights for works they did not, claimed to own the copyrights for works in the public domain, and the list goes on and on.

They have an agenda that serves to drive the music industry back to the dark ages, restore it back to the days when they had a monopoly and no artist could release any of their music, except through them and no fan could buy music, except through them. Back to the days when they got to decide what you were going to listen to, deciding which artists were worthy of being heard, who was worthy of earning a living. They don't want you to listen to the music on this site, because they can't make money from these independent artists.

They have politicians, bought and paid for, and in their pockets, that will do whatever they have to do to make the big labels happy, voting on bills that are ultimately bad for artists, bad for consumers, bad for software developers, bad for device manufacturers, bad for everyone but the RIAA labels.

They are opposed to Creative Commons licensing, that allows fans to share music freely and enables artists to reach a wider audience, without the help of a major label, without giving the RIAA a dime.

I don't buy RIAA music any more. I refuse to help them screw people over. Everything I buy these days is from independent artists, just like the ones you hear on this site. They deserve my money, the RIAA doesn't.

If you feel the same way that I do, then do whatever you can to help support independent artists. Buy some albums, individual tracks, make donations direct to the independent artists in appreciation of the free tracks and albums they give away, share Creative Commons licensed music files, spread the word, link to their sites, write blog posts about them, tweet about them. Do whatever you can to help and support them, so they can be successful without having to sell their soul to the RIAA.